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Passive Voice
Passive voice is a grammatical voice in which the subject receives the subject receives the action of a transitive verb, and passive refers more generally to verb using this construction and the passages in which they are used.

When rewriting active sentences in passive voices note the following:
- The object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence
- The finite form of the verb is changed (to be + pas participate)
- The subject of the active sentence becomes the object of the passive sentence (or is dropped)

 Agent
In a passive clause, we usually we a phrase beginning with by if we want to mention the agent-the person or thing that does the action, or that causes what happens

Example :
My Mother makes sandwich every morning
Subject + V1+ S/es + O + C(adv. Of time)

Sandwich is made by my mother every morning
Subject + to be + V3 agent C(adv. Of time)

Present Continuous :
S + to be + being + V3 (past participle)

Present Perfect :
S + has/have + been + V3 (past participle)

Present Continuous :
Active : A young boy is catching a butterfly
Passive : A butter fly is being caught by a young boy

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