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Descriptive Text
The aim of descriptive text : to describe the characteristics of particular person, thing, or place.

Text Structure
- Identification : Identifies thing, person, place, phenomenon to be described
- Description : Gives the information of particular thing, person, or place being discussed or describes parts, qualities, or characteristics.

Grammatical Features :
- Who? What?
- Using lingking verb and simple present tense
- Epithet : adjective or adjective phrase
- Attributive (the)
- Use of attributive and identifying process

Example Of Descriptive Text :
We have three family pets : a dog, a cat, and a tortoise

- The Dogs name is Benjamin. He is golden lambrador. He is beautiful. He has big brown eyes and a long tail. He is very friendly dog, but he is sometimes a little stupid. Dogs are expensive to keep bubt the yare fun to play with
- Our cat is named Martha. She is quite young, but she is not a kitten. She is very pretty. She has black and white for and green eyes. She’s smart, too and very clean.
- The tortoise’s name is Rocky. He has short, fat legs a long neck, and a very hard shell. HE is also very old and slow. He’s ugly and dirty, but I like him

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