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Modal In The Pastform


Present       Past
Can               Could 
Will               Would
Shall             Should
May              Might

1. Could + Verbbase
- To offer suggestions or possibilities
Example :
Doraemon : Oh no! left my short’s
Nobita : Don’t wori, Dora you could borrow my shorts
- To indicate that the ability existed in the past but doesn’t exist now
Example :
Ruther : Ton, can you climb the aple trees
Tony : Well … I could climb apple tree when I was so young. But I thing I’m to heavy to climb it

- To Express polite requests
Example :
 Could I borrow your pencil (please)?
 Could you lend me your jacket now?
 Could you please close the door
 Could you pass the salt
2. Would + Verbbase
- For an action that was repeated regularly in the past
Example :
When I was a child, I would visit my grandparents every weekend

- Insert rather into the pattern and use this expressions to express preferences
Example :
Angga : Ehich country would you rather visit?
Maria : I Would rather visit Tara than somelia
- To express polite requests
Example :
Budi : Would you mind cycling with me, Nada?
Nada : No, not at all. It would be nice

3. Should + Verbbase
- To give definite advice (advisability)
Example :
Derby : You should paint your door, Romeo. It looks terrible
Romeo : Yes, I know I should

4. Might + Verbbase
- To tell possibilities
Exmple :
David : Where is Deddy?
Copperfield : He might be in the studio with Kalina

- To express polite requests
Example :
Tian : Might I borrow your coat?
Chris : I’m afraid not. It has been brought by Danny for week sand I don’t know when he‘ll return it

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